Here are 4 reasons remote teams should go all in on Microsoft’s Modern Workplace. 

  • Microsoft’s Modern Workplace offers a better employee experience for remote teams: 

                   Microsoft 365 includes new platforms, tools, and apps to nurture employee well-being, connectivity, and learning in the digital workplace. 

  • Microsoft’s Modern Workplace promotes more effective collaboration: 

                  Microsoft’s Modern Workplace enhances productivity, enables seamless collaboration, and streamlines workflows across locations and platforms. 

  • Microsoft’s Modern Workplace automates time-consuming tasks: 

                  Another benefit to the Modern Workspace is the ability to leverage all the available capabilities of the PowerPlatform automation apps. 

  • Microsoft’s Modern Workplace is scalable for remote teams: 

                  By leveraging self-service functionality in Microsoft 365, Modern Workplace can empower employees to create the resources they need without

Modern Workplace also facilitates automation with Microsoft Power Automate, which enables you to apply modern Robotic Process Automation  (RPA) across the enterprise. Automating repetitive tasks boosts productivity and gives employees more time to focus on innovation rather than administrative tasks. In conjunction with Power Apps, you can leverage a robust platform of connectors to enhance work. 

The challenge for organisations is how to empower their people while maintaining top-level security and efficiency. With help from Microsoft’s Modern Workplace solutions and Remote Systems Management (RSM), you can accomplish those goals. You can improve employee productivity and satisfaction and create seamless communication and collaboration while maintaining the security and integrity of your systems and data.